Puddingstone Use

Some of the uses for Puddingstone

Decoration: Hertfordshire Puddingstone takes a high polish showing off its attractive colours
slice red puddingstone_slice2
In some pieces the pebbles show rings of different colours; many have a dark rim.
Prehistoric Tools:

A Neolithic hand axe, on display at the Stockwood Discovery Centre Luton


PuddingstoneHandAxe b
Milling: Puddingstone’s hardness and coherence made it ideal for grinding corn.


QuernHammerstoneWithBigScaleHammerstone used to put the finishing touches to querns
Top and base sections of a Roman rotary quern. The hole in the side of the top section was for the wooden handle


Features and Buildings
Hertford_Castle wall
Features in public places. For example  this one in Hertford Castle grounds (presented by EHGC). Building: Blocks of puddingstone have been used locally as a building material since at least Roman times. (Here at St. Andrews Street car park Hertford)
Jewellery: Hertfordshire Puddingstone is so hard and coherent it can be worked in fine detail.