Visit to Thorley Wash water vole project

Visit to Thorley Wash Nature Reserve water vole project
10am to 12 noon Saturday 5th August 2017

Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust is running a successful project to reintroduce water voles at Thorley Wash near Bishops Stortford. It is known from older residents that water voles used to live in the river, but in more recent years they disappeared. The HMWT project has restored a suitable habitat and reintroduced voles. We will learn about what makes a home fit for water voles; why they disappeared, and what was done to restore them. There will be a walk along the river bank to learn to read the signs of the presence of water voles, and with luck see them.

HMWT will welcome donations, optional but £5 per head will be appreciated.

If you would like to come and haven’t already booked please contact Diana

Click here for more information on the Thorley Wash water vole project